Thursday, 26 May 2016

Suitable Songs for a School Choir (Part 1)

Looking for inspiration for some non-religious songs for your school choir? Try out some of these:

1. Touch the Sky:
This upbeat song from the movie Brave sounds wonderful when performed by a children's choir. 

2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For:
A song originally sung by U2 but covered by many gospel choirs, this song lends itself well to part singing.

3. Da Doo Ron Ron Ron:
My choir sang the 'Countdown Kids' version of this song, which you can download from iTunes or Amazon (it is featured on the album 'Rock 'N' Roll 101 for Kids, Vol. 1'). It sounds very impressive when sung with a harmony and a guitar. 

Guitar chords (play with a capo on the 2nd fret)
Song lyrics

4. I'm Yours
Released in 2008, some of your children may not be familiar with this song, but it is an easy, catchy song that they seem to enjoy regardless. I changed the pitch of the song when singing it with my class as originally it was a little low. I have included this audio track below - the quality is quite poor but it will give you an idea of where to pitch the song.
Higher pitched version
Guitar chords (the higher pitched version would be played with a capo on the 9th fret)
Song lyrics
Harmony lyrics

5. Lean on Me
The 'Glee' version of this famous song is better suited to young children's voices than the original. It is a little tricky to sing but accompanying it with a guitar offers the chance to slow it down a little and change the key to suit your children's voices.

Original song air 
'Glee' version
Backing track
Guitar chords (Play with capo on 2nd fret for Glee version)
Song Lyrics

6. All Star
Although lacking in harmony, this song (sung by The Countdown Kids and featured on their album 'Pop 4 Kids') is energetic and fun and features in the movie 'Shrek'.

Original song air
Original song backing track
Countdown Kids version
Song lyrics

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