Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How Should I Prepare for a Visit from the Diocesan Adviser?

1. Make sure you have taught all prayers for the class level. You can find a list of prayers, stories and themes that are covered in each class level on this page.

2. Make sure you have read and revised all the bible stories featured in their Alive-O books (these are also included on 
this page). They might be asked to tell these stories in their own words or to name a memorable one from the year. 

3. Make sure they know about Jesus' Resurrection and birth (in senior classes, they will need to explain the importance of each day of Holy Week). 

4. Make sure copies/workbooks are corrected and they can pick a favourite page and talk about it.   

5. Learn a song from Alive - O off by heart (preferably one that also taught them something).

6. Make sure you have a Sacred Space in your classroom. On mine I have: a candle, pictures of Jesus, Mary, etc., prayers, rosary beads, flowers (especially in May), a cross/St. Brigid's cross, a children's picture bible, holy water and some of the children's work on display.

7. Drill them on questions you have picked out from stories and activities they have covered over the year, so that they can revise the content and feel confident and prepared. Here is a sample list of questions I have prepared for Senior Infants, and here is a sample list of questions for 5th Class.

Best of luck!

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