Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Thematic Unit: The Aztecs

This week, I'm posting some ideas for lessons you could include in a thematic unit for senior classes based upon 'The Aztecs'. I taught these lessons to 5th Class, but I think they would be suitable for any senior class. I hope they give you some inspiration!
History: The Aztec Empire:
Explore this PowerPoint about Aztec life over a series of lessons:

PowerPoint was based on one created by mercywexford which you can find here.
(Note: This PowerPoint can also be used to guide the activities mentioned below!)

P.E.: Games:
Play the Aztec sport of Tlachtli where you must try and score through the hoop without using your hands or feet!

Music: Aztec Compositions: 

Create music in groups using instruments the Aztecs used (instruments such as drums, rattles, horns, bells, whistles, etc). Plan out and record the composition pictorially. Practice the composition and then perform it as a class, recording the performance on your phone to play back to the class/keep as a record. 

Art: Aztec Masks:
Study Aztec art (mosaic masks in particular) and create some Aztec masks. Using a piece of card/cardboard, cut out a face shape. Discuss areas of the face which protrude more than others (nose, lips, eyebrows, etc). Build these sections up with newspaper and glue. Cover the mask in a sheet of silver or gold tissue paper. Cut up coloured paper and add tiles of coloured paper to the mask.

Drama: Rituals:
Create some original rituals to preform and, as a class, guess what each ritual is about.

English/History: Information Booklets:
As a concluding activity on the Aztec Empire, get the class to create their own information booklets about the Aztecs and their culture. Have a look at some examples below:

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