Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Parent Teacher Meetings in Senior Classes

I'm in the middle of preparing for my 5th Class Parent Teacher Meetings and thought I might share with you some ways I prepare for Parent Teacher Meetings in a senior class:

1. Template:
I fill in a template I found on Seomra Ranga for each child. I print one for my folder (as a written record) and another copy for the parent to bring home if they wish to do so. Include all tests scores on this sheet, to prevent you having to look back at class lists to find scores.

2. Assessment Folder:
Have your assessment folder divided into sections for each child. Have a copy of their Maths, English, Gaeilge and Geography tests to show parents where their children lost out on marks. Include a sample of their Irish writing to show the child's knowledge of sentence structure, verbs, spelling, etc. (I got my class to write a 'story' based on a simple cartoon to include in my folder).

3. English Copy:
Have the child's English copy on hand for the parent to look through, and to discuss their written work (punctuation, capital letters, language, neatness, etc.).

4.  Art Scrapbook:
Show the parent the child's art from the year in a scrapbook.

5. Parent's Information Booklet:
Vocabulary featured here is from Teacher's Pet Posters
I've found over the years that I am always being asked the same questions by parents. This year, I decided to create this Parent Information Booklet to give them at the meeting. It includes information on the best ways to help their child with their learning, Maths and reading homework. It also includes examples of long division and short division with decimals. (Note: Some of the reading strategies refer to the Oxford Reading Tree programme we follow in our school. If your children do not have a reading record copy or a structured reading programme, then you can edit this point out.)

I hope you find this information useful. I will be posting my ideas for preparing for Parent Teacher Meetings with Infant classes in my next blog post. Until then, good luck with your meetings!

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